#WOWSERS: Top London Mummy Blogger Nominee



What a pleasant surprise, dear friends. This humble blog, which gets updated once in a full moon, has been nominated Top London Mum Blogger by the readers of West London Mum.co.uk . Thank you so much for the 5 of you who come here to read my questionable babbling about motherhood and still felt compelled enough to vote for us – I’m just terribly sorry for being so inefficient at posting on a regular basis. If it’s any consolation, this inefficiency is applied with extreme determination at all other areas of my life. Motherhood, specially.

But I’ll be back soon with more tales, specially now that we’re out of babyhood and just entering the much anticipated (cue drums, TAM TA RAN TAAAAM) Terrible Twos. OH, THE JOY. SCREAMING, TANTRUMING JOY.


lotta love xx

Not Even Two, and There Must Be The Right Shoe.

O is not even 2, TWO YEARS OLD, and she already knows exactly what kind of shoes she wants to wear. And I’m not talking trainers over sandals, boots over slippers, etc, NO. She is capable of telling the difference between her very similar black Melissas, one by Vivienne Westwood and the other by the Campana Brothers. To the untrained eye, and I say this coming from a fashion background, there isn’t an immense difference between the two – they’re simply variations of the same theme, little black Mary Janes with little design features in them.

But she REFUSES, point blank, to wear the Campana Bros ones (the ones on the left in the picture), and whenever I try to sneak the shoe on her feet while she’s distracted by Curious George or something, she needs only to glimpse my furtive act to scream a furious “NO!”, kicking the shoe away as if it’s boiling hot. Then she points to the Westwood ones, and sighs in relief. If she could roll her eyes, silently reprimanding me for my lack of better judgment, I’m sure she would.

I just REFUSE to see this as a genetic disposition. But I’m looking forward to applying this distinctive eye for design to other areas. Maybe by the age of three she will be in charge of interior decoration in our family. I could make use of that.


*self-promotion alert* (don’t say i didn’t warn you).

This post is incredibly, incredibly late, as usual – and I’m hoping the fact I take AEONS to acknowledge publicly/ say thank you to people’s kindness does not render me rude and, therefore, worthy of disregard and isolation by them. I DO have a good excuse, though (or so I hope). I’m terribly self-conscious and self-critical – to the point of being one step away from whipping myself in the back like a Catholic Flagellant  – so anything related to self-promotion makes me wince with painful embarrassment. Nevertheless, here it is: (late) SELF-PROMOTION.

Two things happened last month: One, I was photographed by the talented Tara Darby for a Mothers Meeting exhibition called ‘More Than Just a Mum’, which showed 20 of the most influential and creative mums in the UK and ended up on the window of the highly regarded Exposure PR (a place I visited on a regular basis as a weight carrying horse, i.e. stylist assistant).

And Two, was again photographed, along with Little O and her dad, by New Yorker  Supreme-O Shaniqwa Jarvis for the 5 Year Anniversary lookbook of that temple of coolness that is the Goodhood store in Hoxton.

Earlier this year, I was shot as a proper hipster mama for my friends’ ultra fashion boutique 6000 AD, which was ridiculously fun as I never dress like that these days.

And before that, I was also invited to give tips about London and motherhood for a Brazilian design website called Suupper (as in “greeaat”, not a misspell of the word for “late dinner”).

Before I go any further, I just want to say how grateful I am to all the lovely, extremely cool and visionary friends who invited me to be part of all that. So there you go: THANK YOU.

But I haven’t mentioned any of it here before because, you see, I still find it slightly weird to be celebrated for being a MUM. And I find it even weirder that all these opportunities are showing up when my priorities now have changed. If they had happened a few years ago, I would have wet myself with excitement – but now, as much as it is fun, I get slightly shocked and a bit embarrassed when I see my picture out there. The fact I get shocked is also slightly shocking to me: I use to be a die-hard fan of the internet and all its over-sharing qualities (i’ve been blogging since the late 90s), but motherhood added a new dimension to my already crippling self-consciousness.

While this post is entitled “self-promotion”, to be absolutely honest, it isn’t really, because I’m NOT expecting to get any other offers from whoever is reading this AND I don’t have any intention of monetizing  this blog (I get emails all the time ,which I politely decline). It is, as with every post, a record of the bizarre ways life has developed after becoming a mum. Being invited for shoots is utterly bizarre – I’m sure sometime in the future Little O will LOL at my face (or be totally embarrassed by it) when she finds out what her mum was up to in the early years.


Ernesto Neto, Flyknit Collective & Mothers Meeting

The partnership between Nike’s 1948 shop and Mothers Meeting keeps getting better and better. Last wednesday they brought in the great Brazilian sculptor Ernesto Neto as part of a collaboration with artists and the launch of Nike’s IT shoe Flyknit, called Flyknit Collective.

It was obviously a mayhem, with around 30 mums letting their bubbas go wild with an installation created by Neto, who said to everyone’s delight that babies, grannies and the art of crochet inspired his work. He also shared with us a lesson taught by his own legendary granny on how to crochet your own belt/collar/piece-of-string-to-be-worn-anywhere (apparently, she was responsible for teaching him the basics of how to make the whole Flyknit Installation piece – talk about an inspiring granny).

Although I was introduced twice to the man (who had a wonderfully “carioca” sense of humour) as the Only Brazilian In The Room, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk as he was constantly surrounded – but it was a privilege and quite an inspiring one, as Jenny, Mothers Meeting Superwoman, would have been proud to know. There was also an appearance by Jenny’s uni mates Gareth Pugh and a pregnant dazed and confused Katie Shillingford, which lent the chaos a touch of fashion GLAM.

We also wore the famed #fuelband – Nike’s watch-bracelet-thingy that everyone is talking about on instagram and supposedly measures your activity-ness. I ended up being the most active mum in the room, possibly due to the stomach bug acting up in my body and sending me straight to bed for two days after the event. All around fun, nevertheless.

ah, yes, and the shoe: a lesson in lightness, beauty, and efficiency – which is my goal in life, of course. I definitely want to be a FlyKnit when I grow up.

Thanks Jenny and Sharmadean for the opportunity, the freebies, the breakfast and the fun. <3













Mothers Meeting at Lucy in Disguise


You’ll probably realise by now that I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing. As much as I absolutely love it, I have a tendency to get distracted by anything that catches my attention whenever I sit down to write a post. There’s always a magazine, a trashy tv show, a completely irrelevant tweet by someone I’ve never met, etc etc etc, and by the time I come back to my browser, it’s already 11:45pm and s••t!-i-need-to-go-to-bed-right-now-otherwise-i’ll-be-f****d-tomorrow-morning.


This post is about the absolutely FABULOUS and exclusive Mothers Meeting special at the Lucy In Disguise boutique in Covent Garden.  For those who don’t know, LID is the vintage brainchild of sisters Lily Allen and Sarah Owen. That gold sequinned facade alone is worth a visit, but the amazing vintage selection inside is the stuff of dreams. We had the very exclusive opportunity to hang out with our bubbas while sipping (well, DOWNING in my case) Veuve Clicquot champagne, eating ridiculously cute cupcakes, and getting our make-up and hair done by the Hair and Make-Up Department crew in the lower level of the shop. Baby O, again, was just happy to be around lots of cooing women. She’s a people’s person, remember.

I just wish we had these meetings every week. I could reserve a permanent weekly date in my calendar for this kind of event. CAN WE HAVE THEM PLEASE JENNY? Thank you.

Thanks Mother Meeting, Lucy in Disguise, The Hair & Make-up Department, Veuve Clicquot, The Social Pantry and Becca Cosmetics for all the treats. xx