I know that as a blogger I’m being terribly passé in posting this, but I’ve just come across this video from november 2010 while mooching around on Etsy, and I couldn’t resist it. Yokoo has been an internet star and New-York-Times-front-cover-queen-of-the-crafters for quite a while, and she’s still going strong by knitting beautifully chunky scarves (which I’m considering ordering one for myself this winter). In the video, she talks about her work philosophy (“I love being hardcore”) while cycling around Atlanta at dawn. It qualifies for the “inspiration” category of this blog.


LFW: Basso and Brooke ss12


I’ve managed to slip out for a couple of hours while Baby O enjoyed some quality time with her Dad to see my friends Basso & Brooke ss12 show (I lie. Quality time it wasn’t, as he was actually mega stressed out with us moving house the next day… but oh well, special occasions require special measures). While the show was gloriously colourful, with Bruno and Chris sending out a whooping 40-looks storm (with glowing reviews by every maje fashion publication), the highlight for me was to catch-up for a minute or two with friends I hadn’t seen in aeons – and even take some quick analog snapshots to mark the occasion.


The reason I’ve slowed down a bit…

… is now 8 weeks-old, weighs almost 10 pounds, has thick brown hair,  loves stripes and bright colours, and has just learned the art of melting hearts with the sweetest smile. This is Baby O, or as my friend Juliano Zappia calls her, “the third element.” A year ago I was running around like a headless chicken, traveling, working my ass off as a fashion assistant while also styling my own shoots and interviewing designers, when Baby O suddenly decided she couldn’t wait any longer  (after all, her parents had been together for exactly 10 years). She has changed me and my world in ways I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of, and it goes without saying that because of her, the concept of love now has expanded into infinite dimensions.


Meadham Kirchhoff and I should be friends


Fashion week frenzy kicked off last week with NYFW, and these days I try not to spend too much time checking out the shows. There are thousands of bloggers and journalists covering and posting pictures everywhere, plus most magazines will be shooting those clothes for the next 6 months, so I don’t rush too much to see anything unless I have to for work.

There’s a few exceptions. Some shows I anxiously wait for every season. Rodarte in NYC ( i love those sisters for their film and literature references), Commes des Garçon and Margiela in Paris, my friends Basso and Brooke, and Meadham Kirchhoff in London. These last ones in fact inspired my styling a lot last year, and after reading an interview with the duo on the ST Style supplement (I had promised myself I wouldn’t help fund Murdoch’s journalistic empire anymore, but reading the STYLE has been a sunday ritual for so many years, it’s hard to resist), I’ve become even more of a fan.


Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

Just the opening paragraph won me over:

“There are a lot of things Meadham Kirchhoff don’t do: parties (We isolate ourselves from the world), celebrity culture (“Disgusting, it feeds into a mind-set of woman-hating), handbags (“Completely debilitating”), pointless socialising (“We are quite particular about where we go and who we see and don’t see”) – oh, and Cheryl Cole.” 

They go on to criticise fashion editors, Courtney Love (which Edward Meadham is obsessed with, but apparently never returned their samples lent to her for a shoot), and the way clothes are produced, and finish off by stating their motto:

“I want people to wear , say and do whatever they want. If you want to wear all these things on top of each other, or a big veil on your head, you should be free to do it. The key elements of what we do are truth, reason and purity. We are preoccupied in doing exactly what we want.”

Ah. It makes me want to be friends with these guys. I know their studio is in Dalston, and I’m moving there this week, so who knows. We might just run into each other  one day 🙂