Welcome to my mama blog.

I’m a thirty-something mum of a little girl called O.

I was born and raised in Brazil, but I’ve been in London for over 10 years, where O was born and is being raised.

I’ve got a degree in journalism that hasn’t been used much, because I’ve spent a good part of the last decade working in the fashion industry. It’s always astonishing to say that, because I’m not really a fashion person, even though I like clothes and I like interesting people. I’m  more the kind of person who likes to stay in reading novels and goes to sleep before midnight. I’m pretty boring.

I’m also a feminist. The kind that never bought a single pink dress (for the kid, not for me – I love pink), that belongs to collectives and goes on meetings and marches. Okay, I haven’t been to any marches lately, but the collective bit is true. It’s pretty annoying to be my friend on Facebook, because I’ll be the one posting feminist links and pestering people to sign petitions.

And as I said before, I like reading very much, which also made me like writing very much as well. I took a whole degree in Journalism – paying overseas fees, mind you – just because I thought I’d do loads of writing. That was naive of my part, uh? I didn’t do much of it (apparently journalists have to go out into the world and SPEAK to people, nobody told me THAT), so that’s why I still write blogs and make zines and once in a blue moon I pitch stories to publications (that rarely get picked up). Who knows, one day a crazy editor might like what I have to say and I’ll be able to think it was worth spending all that money in getting an education, instead of a house. I might be able to stop dressing people for a living, which always sounds a bit weird to me.

What else?

I love: books more than shoes, clothes with a history rather than labels, music that makes me bounce, dry humour, films with subtitles and depressing plots, my family more than anything else in the world. Other things include: comic books, walls covered in posters, ravers, surfers and skaters, zines, men’s clothes, black and white grainy pictures, East London, the 90s, Daria, street culture, ballet, tattoos, scruffy hair, TV series, weirdos, freaks and geeks. That’s just the aesthetic part, in case you want to hire me as a stylist. 


Ah yeah, almost forgot I need to say something about the kid. Well, read the blog then. She features in practically every single post.

Feel free to email me with tips, swearing or cuddles: thais@mamadalston.com

Thanks for stopping by


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  1. Came across your blog whilst searching (at 4am =teething) for ‘things to do in Dalston today with kids’ and I wish you could write more it’s wonderfully written 🙂

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