Last time I went to Brazil, between february and march, I’ve managed to get some really cool work done. (If you’re new here and still don’t know – how could you? I haven’t even written my About page yet – I’m Brazilian.) The video below was one of them: done in collaboration with my partner Robinson Barbosa for my friend Felipe Caprestano’s awesomely conceptual mask project┬áThe Face Couture, it was really good fun to get a bit of our dark side out. I was also 6 months pregnant, and carrying those bricks the model wears in her feet was NOT EASY (I lie. They carried for me.)

I have no idea how, but before Felipe released the video, it ended up being featured on Diane Pernet’s infamous blog A Shaded View on Fashion. That lady has SOME EYE, I must say.


obscura from Face Couture on Vimeo.

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