Ahoy !


Hey, peeps. This site, as you must realise, it’s under construction. Instead of being simply a showcase of my styling portfolio, it’ll be a hub for everything involving my virtual life: you’ll get links to my twitter, tumblrs, FB, blogs in portuguese and english, and obviously, my styling and journalistic work, which is spread out all over the place. And most of all, this will be the home of my – tchanam! – personal blog, because, you see, I’m not good at this whole work-life-balance thing. It’s all intertwined, a big blobby mess.

So bear with me while I clean-up the house. Before you know it, I’ll be inviting you in for tea and gossip.

Meanwhile, if you want to see any of my work or, I don’t know, be my friend, it’s easy ->  tm@thaismendes.com or glittah@gmail.com


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