MOTHERHOOD – zine for cool mamas #1


Hellow again.

Back in december 2012 we had this thing called Xmas Break, an ungodly pair of weeks during which I was stuck in the UK winter with a bored toddler and several unfulfilled new-year resolution lists. I was going a bit out of my mind, and to keep myself entertained (you thought I was going to say “SANE”, didn’t you?) I made a ZINE about motherhood. Initially, it was going to be a bunch of pieces about myself and O, like our regular blog posts on paper, but then I thought “what’s the point?” So I decided to have a bit more fun.

In this very badly designed little booklet, you’ll find pages full of rants, stupid collages, random lists, unwanted advice, stolen pictures, ideas and references, and lots, LOTS OF WORDS IN CAPSLOCK. I HAVE A THING FOR CAPSLOCK). That includes the fictional diary of a MCHCSBBSAHM (Middle Class Hip Cool Stylish But Bored Stay At Home Mum), a love letter to TV, an editorial with celeb mums posing in National Geographic landscapes, mums’ reviews, a playlist, and a guide explaining how to become a REAL COOL MUM™ (plus a quiz to find out if you really are a RCM™). SOUNDS APPEALING? I didn’t think so either. But if you still think it’s worth investing £2 in it (plus shipping), then drop me a line at

Check out some of the pages below from a little vid I posted on Vine.




Some Kind of Bliss

I don’t mean this is a bad way, but West London is a strange world, isn’t it? I’m so used to the gritty heaven that East London is that whenever I head to that side of town it feels like a slightly parallel universe. Blow-dries instead of rainbow dip-dyes, high-heels instead of creepers, designer handbags instead of cotton shoppers, mini-Boden instead of Osh Kosh, etc etc (Bugaboos are on both sides, though). I rarely venture to those parts, but  if you get the chance to have a mini Spa break PLUS cocktails in a West London bar with your mum friends – which I was lucky to get – you ignore the boundaries that divide us all and GO, no questions asked. (The only other reason was to go to the Notting Hill Carnival, of course. Love old Rastafari men and half-naked people grinding against each other on those manicured, pleasant streets.)

We had such a laugh. The angels at BLISS took care of our faces and nails and well-being in general (THE OXYGEN FACIAL, PEOPLE. No wonder they’re called BLISS) and then afterwards we moved next door to the Argentinean Bar Galante for a full GIRLIES GALORE session (another ignored “metaphorical boundary” there: Brazilians are Argentinians’ arch-enemies for centuries and we don’t cross each other’s ways. Not during World Cups, anyway). They even had a GLITTER FLOOR, which totally won me over (for those who don’t know, “glittah” is my teenage internet nickname, which I insist on using to this day. I’m never growing up.)

(I tend to use brackets to make comments between the lines all the time, don’t I? So annoying, I know. But I’m writing in a second language, pardon my idiosyncrasies).

Pics, below, stolen as usual from other mums. Thank you Jenny and Bianca for putting up such an awesome get-together, and all the cool mums for the laughs: Jo, Malika, Afua, Adelle, Alice H, Leila, Lucy, Charlotte, Julia, and everyone. You guys really, really rock.

NOW, YOU also get a treat: BLISS is offering you guys a blissful 20% discount off any full-size products. Just use the MBLG20 code at the checkout. You’re welcome.



Nike Flyknit x Mothers Meeting Summer Fête

What a day. Last saturday Nike and MM threw an amazing family fête at Aske Gardens on Pitfield Street, and what a perfect spot they chose.Trampolines under the trees, bean bags on the grass, face painting and t-shirt decorating in front of a DJ booth, games and competitions for the older kids, and free Pimm’s, beers and burguers for the parents all day. And perfectly hot Rio weather throughout the day – it really felt like summer. Baby O had loads of fun, and I couldn’t walk the next day after going crazy in the trampoline.

Mothers Meeting also launched their much talked about zine (more like a newspaper) featuring loads of great pieces by inspiring mums, including (*SELF-PROMOTION ALERT!*) myself. I wrote about what clothes meant to me during pregnancy and after becoming a mum, and it felt quite good putting it out there. I must say I don’t dress as colourful as that hipster picture, but I do like clothes to be comfy and practical now. I’ll reproduce the piece in the next post, just for the record.

Thanks Jenny and Sharma again for organising another amazing day. xxx

*pics stolen from all over the place.


Ernesto Neto, Flyknit Collective & Mothers Meeting

The partnership between Nike’s 1948 shop and Mothers Meeting keeps getting better and better. Last wednesday they brought in the great Brazilian sculptor Ernesto Neto as part of a collaboration with artists and the launch of Nike’s IT shoe Flyknit, called Flyknit Collective.

It was obviously a mayhem, with around 30 mums letting their bubbas go wild with an installation created by Neto, who said to everyone’s delight that babies, grannies and the art of crochet inspired his work. He also shared with us a lesson taught by his own legendary granny on how to crochet your own belt/collar/piece-of-string-to-be-worn-anywhere (apparently, she was responsible for teaching him the basics of how to make the whole Flyknit Installation piece – talk about an inspiring granny).

Although I was introduced twice to the man (who had a wonderfully “carioca” sense of humour) as the Only Brazilian In The Room, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk as he was constantly surrounded – but it was a privilege and quite an inspiring one, as Jenny, Mothers Meeting Superwoman, would have been proud to know. There was also an appearance by Jenny’s uni mates Gareth Pugh and a pregnant dazed and confused Katie Shillingford, which lent the chaos a touch of fashion GLAM.

We also wore the famed #fuelband – Nike’s watch-bracelet-thingy that everyone is talking about on instagram and supposedly measures your activity-ness. I ended up being the most active mum in the room, possibly due to the stomach bug acting up in my body and sending me straight to bed for two days after the event. All around fun, nevertheless.

ah, yes, and the shoe: a lesson in lightness, beauty, and efficiency – which is my goal in life, of course. I definitely want to be a FlyKnit when I grow up.

Thanks Jenny and Sharmadean for the opportunity, the freebies, the breakfast and the fun. <3