Every time I think about this blog, I think about all the moments I wanted to write about and never did, and then I write myself a mental note that one day, soon, I am going to sit and write everything down, and create thoroughly detailed posts about all of it, everything we’ve ever been through. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with wanting to document life. Note I said “wanting” – once I was very good at doing it, writing endless journals and diaries, first on paper, then online, so good that I even fooled myself into thinking I could make a living out of words. Then things changed. The things I wanted to document the most were also the things I wanted to keep secret the most, and for years now I live this narrative conundrum, always trying to find an outlet that will present a final solution.

Anyway. I know there is no solution other than actually start writing, is there? No one is going to stick their hands through my ears and physically start picking my brain (I love this expression – there’s no equivalent in Portuguese) then write about all the magnificently mundane bits and bobs of the story I’ve been living since 1982 (I believe there are quite a few occasions far from mundane, but then I tend to think that every day and every encounter could result in at least an interesting short story.) Or, for the purpose of this blog, all the fascinating instants of life as a parent (mine), life as a little girl (hers), life within a family. So this is one more attempt at it, one that I’m almost sure I’ll fail because I, like almost everyone else these days, am easily distracted. For instance, I started writing this after lunch, and now I’ve got only 5 minutes to finish it because it’s already school pick-up time, because Internet.

But I’m gonna post this anyway, because not caring is very 2016 right now. Hopefully see you soon.