We’re Only Just Starting

Our apologies for the lack of posting, dear readers. Mama Dalston has rejoined the working classes once again and has very little time to write those long rambling posts. I guess we’ll have to do short ones though! As I write, I’m surrounded by grumpy faces certainly not happy to be up at this ungodly hour of 7:30am inside a District line carriage. I must say it’s not the most enjoyable moment of my life, specially after getting used to huge baby smiles all day long.

Baby O will be 7 months on the 19th. People tell me is one of the best ages and I couldn’t agree more. She’s a very fun person to hang out with.


Melissa Power of Love: a Facebook labour of love.

I’d like to think that right at this time and moment in my life I’m doing the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD, but as everyone knows, no payment or professional recognition comes from just being a mummy, even if you work the hardest and longest hours of your life.

SO, right now, when my brain hasn’t turned to complete MUSH from the endless feeds, nappy changes, and laundry-sorting,
I recall some of the jobs I took.

The last one before O was born can’t really be called a job – unless updating my Facebook everyday with music, films, pictures and other things I loved in general, and then get sent loads of awesome free shoes, count as a job. Oh, DOES IT? Then my partnership with Brazilian shoe brand MELISSA was indeed a really cool job.

Last june they’ve launched their new campaign entitled Power of Love, and to stir things up a bit, they’ve chosen 12 Brazilians girls living in 4 different countries to talk about love on Facebook. Why they’ve chosen me, I have not the slightest idea, after all, IT GIRL I AIN’T. I was heavily pregnant back then, and while I still cannot believe how much FREE TIME I had in my hands (seriously, what did I EVER do with all the hours I had before becoming a mother?), even checking my emails felt like the most tiresome work – and the job consisted of talking about LOVE to my Facebook friends every. single. day.

I must have sounded like a nutcase high on pregnancy hormones for all the saccharine content posted daily on my news feed – but how can you NOT sound corny when you talk about Love? (I KNOW there are million ways, but hey, I was TIRED, alright? Try carrying an 8-month baby inside you while trying to sound clever. I dare you).

Anyways, it was cool in the end because not only the collection Power of Love in itself had AWESOME pairs (some of which now sit in my made-up shoe closet), I’ve also met some really nice girls, one of which is now my friend and neighbour (and her FB posts were by far the coolest). Here’s some of pictures I’ve posted – and the darlin’, DARLIN’ shoes Melissa kindly sent me afterwards.



This was my first post, about 5 things I LUUUVed having around me on that day. Books (i had time to read), flat boots (no high-heels for moi), big sunnies (to hide eye-bags), paper diary (to write down in private all the hormonal hysteria), my iPhone (no need to explain), and my hubby (also, for obvious reasons).
This is a mood board created with the help of Polyvore, which until then I had never used. Changed my life.
On this day, I customised an old Melissa I had at home. Proved quite successful on Melissa's own FB page.
Here I was posting about "Love in the 60s"...NAH. Actually, I wanted to SHOW OFF my autographed copy of Patti Smith's book JUST KIDS. m/
...and me, at 36-weeks preggers, wearing the Vivienne Westwood Temptation Melissas, the only possible way at the time: sitting down. Temptation indeed.
Plastic Shoe Heaven.



Last time I went to Brazil, between february and march, I’ve managed to get some really cool work done. (If you’re new here and still don’t know – how could you? I haven’t even written my About page yet – I’m Brazilian.) The video below was one of them: done in collaboration with my partner Robinson Barbosa for my friend Felipe Caprestano’s awesomely conceptual mask project The Face Couture, it was really good fun to get a bit of our dark side out. I was also 6 months pregnant, and carrying those bricks the model wears in her feet was NOT EASY (I lie. They carried for me.)

I have no idea how, but before Felipe released the video, it ended up being featured on Diane Pernet’s infamous blog A Shaded View on Fashion. That lady has SOME EYE, I must say.


obscura from Face Couture on Vimeo.